Terms and Conditions

Fermentation on Premise

Vendor’s Responsibilities:

  1. Vendor may provide labour to enhance the finished, fermented product and other services not part of the manufacturing process.
  2. Vendor will not store finished products, or operate a wine club.
  3. Vendor will not sell product to minors as stated by Provincial Law or to anyone apparently intoxicated.

Purchaser’s Responsibilities:

  1. Purchaser must provide their own labour to bottle their wine.
  2. Purchaser agrees to have purchased the ingredients and initiated the fermentation on-premises in order to produce wine for personal consumption only.
  3. Alcohol consumption on the vendor’s premise is illegal – however, purchaser may sample their recently bottled wine at the conclusion of bottling of an amount not exceeding 150ml.
  4. Purchaser will not resell their bottled wines nor provide it for consumption in a licensed premise or at an event under a special occasion permit.
  5. Applicable taxes have been paid.

I authorize the operator to hold this product, under the contract of bailment, until my return to bottle and remove the said product from the vendor’s premise.